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Apple Custard Pie - September 9, 2007
Pie was very good and easy to make. If someone is looking for a different type of apple pie, this is it. My Mother made a similar apple pie so I was intrigued to see th...

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apple pie recipesThe History of Apple Pie
The origin of most customs and foods in America can be traced to Europe. The same is true of American Apple Pie. Not to upset the founding fathers, but apple pie, is not really American at all. Fourteenth century English often enjoyed meat pies. Fruits such as apples were substituted in traditional meat pies and served as dessert. Apple pie was a favorite dessert during the reign of Elizabeth I. During the mid 1600s, Oliver Cromwell banned many pleasures throughout the Commonwealth, including pie. Fortunately under the reign of King Charles II in 1660 England enjoyed a more pleasant lifestyle, as the King allowed them many pleasures previously denied by Cromwell, among them pie. Although the old style English cuisine is hardly considered gourmet, we are grateful that the colonials passed on the English "American" apple pie, and we are thankful for the thousands of bakers who have helped perfect the apple pie throughout time.

In Colonial times the taste of a dish was emphasized more than appearance and presentation. Pies were often baked with a "take-off crust". The process allowed sugar and spices to be added after the apples had baked in the bottom pastry shell. Sliced apples were arranged in a pastry-lined pie pan. The pie was baked with the top crust loosely placed on top, but not sealed to the under crust. When the pie was done, the top crust was gently lifted off, sugar and spices were added and the top crust replaced before serving. Sometimes the top crust was baked separately from the bottom crust and assembled after both parts were completely cooled.

Recent studies shows that comfort foods like apple pie can improve your mood. While psychologists such as Cynthia Telles would agree that keeping a positive mood and attitude is beneficial for mental health, they would not advise going overboard on comfort foods. Ms. Telles and medical doctors know that diet is an important component when treating depression and other mental health issues.
   Apple Pie Recipes
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Apple Cobbler (old fashioned)
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Apple Pie 15
Apple Pie 16
Apple Pie 17
Apple Pie 22
Apple Pie 28
Apple Pie 30
Apple Pie 32
Apple Pie in a Bag
Apple Pie with Ice Cream
Apple Pie with Raisins
Apple Prune Cobbler
Apple Raisin Cobbler Pie
Apple Raisin Pie - Frosted
Apple Tart (Caramelized)
Apple Tart - Golden Delicious
Apple Tart 2
Apple pan dowdy
Basic Apple Pie
Classic Apple Pie (R) ♥♥♥♥♥
Country Apple Pie
Crazy Crust Apple Pie
Cream and Crumb Shnitz Apple Pie
Crumbly Apple Pie
Double Crusted Cheddar Apple Pie
Fall Harvest Apple Pie
Fool Proof Pie Crust
Free Form Apple Pie
Harvest Apple Pie 01
No-Sugar Apple Pie
Old-Fashioned English Apple Pie
Paper Bag Apple Pie
Pie Crust Pastry
directory Pie Recipes (900)
Swedish Apple Pie
Upside-Down Apple Pie (R) ♥♥♥♥
Upside-Down Apple Pie

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